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It may have been “only” 11 months of direct impact from COVID closures for workers in the hospitality industry. But experts say it will likely take 10 years for this once-thriving sector of the economy to recover.

Sales took a nosedive due to closures. Our hopes rested on a smooth and robust re-opening. Instead, we were greeted with inflated pricing from billion-dollar brands, spared the pain of closures since they were allowed to sell via grocers and liquor stores. There we were. Shut down with no end in sight.

Rather than sit idly by and watch this happen, we sparked a vision and Birch was born.

Birch is the first-ever profit-sharing spirits line, specifically created to benefit the Service Industry.

Elliott, Nicole and Palmer


100% of the proceeds from all Birch retail locations are redistributed to our Birch hospitality industry partners.

Empty Restaurant
Birch Gin


It will take 10 years to recover from 11 months of shutdowns. By purchasing Birch Gluten-Free Spirits, you are purchasing with a purpose. 

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